Rental Niva, all inclusive!

Everyone can enjoy real nature experience together with a lot of driving pleasure!

Start from 2019, we offer a cheap Niva for rent to join the TransKarpaten OFF-ROAD tours.
The car is well maintained and has some optimizations to get anywhere in the Carpathians and also the comfort is improved.

New MT tires, shorter gear ratio, improved carburator and more ensure sufficient traction, even on the steepest slopes.

Inside, the car is like new, with many new tuning parts, see technical details downside.

Winch and accessories, shovle and lot more are waiting for you in the car, on request also tent,..
Wellington boots, rain jacket and sturdy shoes, otherwise you only need to bring the usual traveling clothes!
One week with Niva for rent means a week worry-free!
You will get a clean and freshly serviced Niva with full technical support and full assistance in driving difficult spots.

At the end of the week, just return the dirty wagon and save a day of tedious exterior and interior cleaning.
Arrival by train or in your own car by road or rail.

technical Details

  • Lada Niva 21210, Build in 88
  • Height adjustment 50mm
  • Differential rear axle automatic 100% lock
  • Differential front axle steel housing
  • Carburator optimized
  • Reconditioned engine
  • Winch in front, with cablefree remote control
  • Reinforced cardan shafts
  • Two additional electric fans
  • Differentials shorter- 4.3:1
  • Large underrun protection
  • Snorkel
  • High quality LED bar
  • Tires BF KM2 in 215 / 75R15 on steel wheels
  • In addition many practical and comfortable changes:
  • Engine compartment insulated
  • Ventilation supply filtered
  • New shell roof underside with additional insulation
  • New front seats
  • New sefety belts on the front
  • New mirrors adjustable from the inside
  • All panels in new condition
  • Alectric windows on both sides
  • Radio central locking
  • Alarm system
  • Complete floor additionally soundproofed
  • Good loudspeakers and radio with CD compartment and USB port, MP3, FLAC, ... even for faster streets loud enough
  • High-quality CB radio installed permanently, antenna centered on the roof
  • All windows behind B-pillar fully tinted
  • Two-seater with large storage space, luggage wall forward
  • Included Accessories:
  • Mounts (rope, shackles, gloves, ...)
  • Shovel / Spade
  • Canister
  • Spare tire
  • Bandage / Warning triangle
  • Fire extinguisher 

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