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Explore the wildness of the ukrainian Carpathians

Here is everything you need to know about your next offroad adventure on four wheels. 

Transcarpathia brings a lot of history and its inhabitants still live very traditional. When passing through the many small villages you feel thrown back into the old days. Progress has not yet reached these remote areas, and people still live simple and self-sufficient. 

But wherever our track will take us, you will always feel welcome. 


Offroading in the western Ukraine

Wide mountain peaks with an overwhelming view, narrow valleys with rough streams, enchanted forests full of century-old giant trees, glittering lakes and lush green meadows accompany our daily legs. Our routes are as intensive and memorable as the impression of people, culture and landscape.

Very varied and sometimes demanding with a lot of climbing from mountain to mountain, simple gravel roads with a view over the valleys, steep slopes with loose coarse stones, slippery forest soil, sharp rocks and river crossings. Paths so rarely used that they are hardly recognizable as such. The fun is interrupted only by short stages on rural and village roads, which have so many potholes that they are also a challenge in itself.

Our tours offers just the right variety for everybody.

The combination of breathtaking scenery and challenging driving are the special charms of our adventure in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

We promise you that every day will be an adventure in itself and you will not forget your Transcarpathian tour.