Dates 2021

Tours will take place on a regular base. Please reach out to us for more details. It is also possible to arrange a tour on your preferred dates. 

There is no minimum car limit but we appreciate groups up to 6 vehicles.

We can also accomodate specific dates, just contact us for more details.

Our Tours

Unforgettable adventures in the heart of the Carpathians

Included services

  • Pick up and return to border
  • A support vehicle with winch, chain saw and tool is always with you
  • Always professional instructions for difficult passage
  • Full technical help with best possible replacement part/ support
  • First and last night in a hotel, including dinner and breakfast
  • Daily warm dinner on tour
  • Every day, a plane campground with bonfire
  • There are always minimum two Ukrainian native speakers with the group
  • Sticker for the cars
  • Server for picture and video exchange
  • "Best of" pictures after tour via social media

The tours usually are between one and two weeks long starting on Sunday, ending on Saturday.

We can also accomodate specific dates, just contact us via email.

What a tour with us looks like

Arrival in the afternoon at the ukrainan border where we pic you up. Than you'll spend one night in a hotel.

The next morning we exchange money, refuel and buy everything we need in big supermarket.

The adventure starts right away, we leave the road and head for the first beautiful campground off road.  

Usually the campsites have a water spring nearby. However the water must be cooked for safe drinking. Drinking water as well as groceries can be bought at least every third day at gas stations or local village shops.

Regional warm specialties are served every evening, while we gather around a cozy campfire and let the evening fade away.

The next day we continue our tour after breakfast, which you have to take care on your own, as well as for a little lunch snack. Everybody is responsible for the cooling of the own food.

Also cutlery and dishes are to bring with and to clean by yourself.

All cars must follow the line of the guiding car. No free driving on meadows or fields. We drive mostly in sensitive nature, and especially high up in the mountains erosion is a big issue. Tracks from just some cars can be enough to start erosion for long time. 

All our tours are with the nature and the local people, not against them!

The difficulty of the routes depend entirely on your wishes. Everything is possible, from easy to difficult. For easy tours no special skills are required, for the hard ones you should be more experienced. The Carpathians offer plenty of choice for AT-tired cars as well as modified all-rounders with aggressive tires.

There is always the best possible help and advice in difficult situations.

All tours require a full size spare tire.

If necessary, everything will be done to get needed spare parts as quickly as possible or to come to a nearby workshop and fix the problem.

Very important was, is and will be that each car can go home safe and on own axle!

At the end of the tour we pass by a carwash. This service is included in the price as well as the last night in a hotel. The next morning we esort you back to the border and say goodbye.

Here is more about the required equipment: FAQ Euqipment

Here is more about the car requirements: FAQ Car

The price depends on the number of cars and also on the details of the tour. For more information please contact us.

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