Off Road Adventures
Carpatian Adventure Tours

  Steep rocky climb, mud way, panoramic Tours on mountain ridges, pristine forests, vast meadows, rocky rivers, authentic people, and much more offers the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Transcarpathia has a very rich history and its people are still very traditional. It is a journey into a past time for us. In small remote communities, people are still largely on their own and live partly as more than 100 years ago. Waving children with beaming faces make part of the daily image as well as poor shepherds in simplest overhead noise barriers. Wide open pastures with overwhelming views, narrow valleys with rough streams, enchanted forests full of hundreds of years old giant trees, sparkling lakes and lush meadows.

  Honest and memorable as the impression of the people of the country, its culture and landscape are our routes.

  Very varied and challenging it comes with a lot of climbing from mountain to mountain. Simple gravel paths with round view across the valleys, steep driveways difficult with loose rough stones, greasy narrow forest paths, nasty rocks and river crossing. Eroded ravines that afford good Offset and tangly logging trails which can hardly be recognized as such. The terrain fun is interrupted only by short spacers on land- and village roads. But all have so many potholes as an escape is no longer possible, for Central Europeans it is also taff driving.
  We invite you in our artificial world of luxury to break out and experience an adventure outside the European Civilization.