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Saturday , 24 June 2017
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Silk Road 2015


A long dream come true- driving the silk road all way from Istanbul to Ulan Bataar. 40 days, 13400km with Nissan X- Trail, more than 50% on village roads, cars did well, no main problem… only 10 times flat tyre, six times broken exhaust, four times air filter cleaning, two broken turbos, one broken roofrack fixing, all brakes need service, full chassis service, new springs and new shocks.

Most time two cars with three people, one with four, sometimes all with four passenger.

Part 1: Vienna to Baku

Part 2: Baku to Kochkor

Jalal Abad to Kochkor is missing on GPS, so just a Google map of this day

Part 3: Kochkor to Ulan Bataar

Part 4: Special

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