About US

The exact price depend on the number of participants and on stipulated details of the tour.

Included services:

– Pick up and return at the border
– All tours are 100 % approved and registered before
– A support vehicle with winch, chain saw and tool is always with you
– Always professional instructions for difficult passages
– Full technical help with best possible replacement part
– Two nights in a hotel, including dinner and breakfast
– Two traditional dinner on tour twice
– Every day, a plane campground with sufficiently large bonfire
– Hot water in the morning
– Help with the language in purchasing and otherwise, in English
– 1 t-shirt made to measure for each participant
– Three stickers with tour logo per vehicle

the tours usually last a week or two, from Saturday to Saturday. Desired dates are also available, please contact us by karpatentours@gmail.com

First night after arrival and last night before driving home you will sleep in a hotel. Dinner and breakfast are included.

On Sunday money is changed, refueled and bought everything we needed. Then it goes directly into the off road, and for the first beautiful campground. In most cases, the tent sites have a water source nearby. There is at least every other day opportunity to get to drinking water and at least every third day is fueled and supplemented provisions in small village shops.

For the cooling of entrained food everyone is responsible by own. However, lovingly warm local specialties are prepared on two evenings. Every evening, preparing firewood after arrival in the tent and lit a campfire. Seating, tables, crockery, etc., are to bring by your own.

At the end of the tour a superficial cleaning of the vehicle is included.

The difficulty of the routes depends fully to your wishes. It goes from easy to hard. There are no special skills required.

Easy: with mobile production vehicles without upgrading. AT tires are good enough here. Water crossings up to 30cm depth. You will always get help and good advice for taff situations.

Medium: Minimum ground clearance under Diff. 15cm. MT tires good condition. Underside protection and strong fixing points in front and rear. Through water up to 50cm deep. Scratches on the vehicle are to be expected! You will always get help and good advice for taff situations.

Hard: Here off road skills are essential! Gross traction tires, at least 1 block, at least 20cm air under the lowest point of the vehicle recovery equipment. Quick translation for very long steep sections and corresponding engine cooling. Water crossings up to 100cm depth. Scratches and other minor damage to the vehicle are likely. You will always get help and good advice for taff situations.

For all tour you need a full-size spare tire.

We can not offer German mechanic or mobile lift, but always pursue the best possible quick help of motivated people with long time hobby car repair. No extra charge for organizing spare parts. But not always original spare parts can be organized in time. Depending on the vehicle, sometimes we only can organize replica or used parts.

Very important is that each car will go home on own axle.